Sunday, August 13, 2017

Human Resources Development: An Evolution

Human Resources Development
A philosophy based approach: Competent and Committed People build organizations. Culture makes organizations last long time. Openness, collaboration, trust, authenticity, proaction, autonomy, confrontation and experimentation are values that promote getting the best out of people and build organizations. HRD is continuous competence building, commitment building and culture building. Task clarity, goal setting, performance review, performance analysis, feedback, Training, career planning, potential assessment development coaching and mentoring are tools to build competencies. Recognition, rewards, work facilities, hygiene’s, developmental supervision are tools for commitment building. Articulating values, vision, systems development, top management setting example, periodic diagnosis and Self renewal exercises, etc. are means to build culture. HRD is the responsibility of the HR function and top management commitment is essential for good HRD.

Hrd = Human Resource Development
Hrd=Human Resource Department
Human Resource Management
Training departments renamed as HRD. Personnel function is retitled as HR Management. HRD is retitled to mean HR department. Human resources need to be managed, they are to be recruited, incentivized, given targets, motivated. Recruitment can be outsourced, training should to be outsourced as there is so much to train and learn. Soft-skills can be developed through online programs with least expenses.
HRD = Human Resources Department
People are resources. They could be outsourced as attrition is high and retention is low. They can be bought with money. They can be procured from other companies. Recruitments agencies will do this for you. Compensation surveys go a long way in attracting and retaining talent. Employee engagement, great place to work etc. surveys will help you build employee brand and retain people. Hr departments need to be cost effective and cost sensitive. Their main job is to attract and retain people who are resource and can be called as talent.  Nurture talent and create bench strength. Leadership development and succession planning will sail you through difficult times and help you face competition.

Renewal and rejuvenation of HRD
Human Resources Development
Human is not merely a resource
Human is creating possibilities
HRD is recognizing and nurturing talent. Talent is unlimited. Organizations are platforms to discover, apply and nurture talent. Every person is one’s own HRD manager. Every individual has the responsibility to discover, utilize, nurture and multiply talent. HR is too important to be delegated to a department or function. HR departments can facilitate the organizations to be human. No corporation, country or community can grow without being human.

Be Human. Humans are different. They have a soul and spirit. we are all talented possibilities and can make many things happen. Let us treat each other with respect. Respect failures as they are as much human as successes.