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Internship at TVRLS to Prepare HRD Missionaries

Internship at TVRLS, Ahmedabad
Internship at TVRLS is meant for HR Students or Management students desirous to specialise in HR to equip them with some of the competencies (knowledge, attitudes, skills, values, motives and the self-concept) required to be a HRD Missionary. HRD Missionary is defined in the book with the same title by Prof. T. V. Rao. The HRD Missionary is one who will work as a Human Resources Development Facilitator for self and others. By this it is meant that the candidate is expected to work in roles or undertake activities that facilitate competency building, commitment building and culture building (3 Cs of HRD) in the target groups he/she works with (individuals, dyads, teams and organizations or agencies or even communities).
The Internship helps the person to explore and learn or acquire the tools, techniques and processes required for the 3 Cs of HRD. The tools and processes of HRD on which TVRLS has been doing large amount of work include the following:

  • Competency mapping
  • Induction and On-boarding including Integration and Assimilation
  • Performance Management including Performance planning, performance analysis, review and development
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Training and other  L & D activities
  • Organization Development & Institution Building
  • Development centres
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Leadership Development Interventions
  • Organizational Climate, Organizational Health, ESS, Commitment and Happiness etc. surveys
  • Other tools and processes that may be discovered from time to time.

What TVRLS Offers:
This is a service TVRLS is providing for facilitating the development of HRD Missionaries. This is not a job. TVRLS has a body of knowledge in terms of the following:

  • Books and manuals written by Prof. Rao and his team at TVRLS in the last few years on the above mentioned topics including those published by the National HRD Network and Academy of HRD with which Prof. Rao is associated.(These are available in TVRLS library and also commercially from the respective publishers)
  • Reports and other documents generated through various interventions by TVRLS (these are available for consultation only)
  • Guidance and Mentoring on Research Projects and short projects to be undertaken by the candidate
  • Guidance and mentoring for writing and HR Knowledge and skills through Social media like Face book, Linked in, Blogs and other forms
  • Office space for self study, learning and discussions and scope for office management, program management, or Consultancy management. By participating and providing administrative assistance to TVRLS team of consultants and consultancy services where possible.
Participation in projects undertaken by TVRLS team at the time of the candidate as an intern where possible. There are a few limited projects and it depends on the timing. TVRLS intends to undertake certificate programs on distance education mode or e-learning mode. The candidate may get an opportunity to design, announce, enrol, market, coordinate, mange and attend such certificate programs. The certificate programs are planned on some of the above mentioned themes.
Certification at the end of the Internship highlighting the work done by the candidate. And stating the work done and examinations passed.
Activities and Learning Experiences likely to be undertaken by the Intern:

  • Reading of select books by TVRLS and others and presenting reviews to the group or writing summaries in social media or blogs. Each Intern is expected to read one book a week and write summaries or initiates Linked in discussions or writes blogs critically reviewing the concepts and initiating discussion and dialogue. The candidate is also expected to generate his/her own audience.
  • Contribution to Perfect Professional: each candidate should write at  least one article of publishable quality in Perfect Professionals
  • Design, participate and conduct with the help of TVRLS team at least one certificate program on one of the above themes.
  • Undertake at least one research or documentation project and complete the same during this/her tenure.
  • Maintain a daily diary of activities, summarise and write a critical report using the Concepts mentioned in “Hurconomics” (book by T V Rao)  justifying the use of his talent and time during the Internship period
  • Optional/Supplementary
  • Participation in terms of assisting in any of the projects by TVRLS team as and when required
  • Office Administration as and when required
  • Professional Assistance to TVRLS tem as and when required or an opportunity arises
  • Possible projects for experience gaining. A large number of these involve working on Internet. A few may require field visits.
  • Assessment of Development needs of young HR professionals as reflected in Yahoo groups another HR groups
  • Analysis of HR issues as reflected in HR Magazines, Linked in, Face book and other social Media
  • Marketing of Certificate programs
  • Preparing a Directory of HR professionals
  • Creating a consortium of HR & OD Consultants
  • Preparing and updating mailing lists of line managers
  • Designing and Conducting on-line information
  • Documentation and critical analysis of HR & OD consultancy service offered in India and abroad
  • Assessing the HR Needs of organizations
  • Designing HR manuals for Small and Medium enterprises
  • Studying the HR needs of SMEs.
  • Surveying the competency gaps of small scale entrepreneurs
  • Documenting the impact of 360 degree feedback on select candidates
  • Preparing case studies of Managers who went through 360 Feedback (see the book 100 Managers in action)
  • Surveying literature on any of the themes mentioned above (ADCs, 360 DF, Commitment surveys, OD etc.) and preparing status studies
  • Administering Psychometric tests and developing the new ones
These are illustrative.  The candidate as well as TVRLS may come up with more.
Summer Internship for Second Year PGD or MBA students:
· We offer summer internship for students. The project work for the interns will involve some of the activities and learning experiences mentioned above.
· Candidates will be selected on the basis of an entrance test mentioned below.
· Selected candidates will get an opportunity to coordinate for one certificate program. They would have to understand the workshop content in detail, identify ways to market the program, read books or TVRLS material with regards to that workshop.
· They will participate in the workshop that they coordinated for, as this will also give them the opportunity to obtain the certification and get conceptual knowledge/ practical understanding through TVRLS consultants.
· Those interns doing an exceptional job may be absorbed as the intern into the HRD Missionary modules or as management trainee in TVRLS (Based on the requirements of TVRLS)
Location and Stay:
The Intern will be located at Ahmedabad and will work from TVRLS Office at Ahmedabad. The intern will be required to meet her own travel and living expenses. TVRLS is generating some Fellowships from interested individuals and corporations to pay these fellowships. It intends to pay a stipend of Rs. 10,000 per month for candidates who are found to be sincere learners and show progress at the end of the first two months.   At present TVRLS is offering five Fellowships for those who have completed their MBA?
The candidate will be required to make his/her stay arrangements at Ahmedabad. 
Selection Process:
Interested candidates need to send their résumé with their photograph giving complete details of address (current and and permanent), qualifications, cell number, contact persons addresses, references of professors, marks, grades, extracurricular activities etc. details and give a write up of a page not exceeding 20 lines stating the reasons for interest in Internship and details of personal career ambitions and values. Those screened on the basis of their bio-data and will be required to undergo and pass an on-line test conducted by TVRLS.  The test will assess the conceptual clarity of the candidate based on the book “HRD Missionary” or “Designing and Managing HR systems” by Pareek and Rao.
Write to:
Visit our web site: before applying.
Read the book “HRD Missionary” by T. V. Rao before applying to understand the concepts.   The book is available through on-line subscription to: www.tvrls.coms
Address for Correspondence of TVRLS:
TVRLS, 603 Parshwa Building, SG Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 380 015. (Tel: 91-79-26872718, 26870312)


  1. I have begun to interview candidates who showed some interest. Some candidates have approached me at the end of their first year. Please note that this is for those who have already completed their 2 yer MBA or MHRM or equivalent program and not for first year summer placement.
    Selected candidates will be required to arrange their own stay and accomodation. you can do a web search wherever you are and arrange the same before you arrive at in Ahmedabad. You should carry your own lap top and preferably with an internet connection. Stipend will be considered after the first two months of you stay depending on your performance including learning attitude, initiative and progress in participating in the activities outlined above. Since this is an individual initiative of Prof. T. V. Rao and TVRLS is merely supporting this, the candidates should not expect any administrative support from TVRLS. Only academic guidance will be provided by prof. T V Rao

  2. We have begun to get applications from potential candidtes. The moment we finalise the first five candidates we will begin the Internship. It could begin from February for the first few and may go upto July 2013. We will decide about the next batch some time in May or June.

  3. The first candidate will be joining on February 1st. Any otehrs interested please get in touch.

  4. We are preparing to take the next batch. Though I had a few who expressed their desire most of them have not graduated. I took only one candidate from Gitam University. She had five years experience and completed her MHRM. She is completing her stint as an intern next month. She tried her best to announce one certificate program but it did not work out. Finally she attended the competency mapping certificate and is now doing her project work. She also completed a research project and also guided a MBA summer trainee in her project.
    The experience has been satisfactory. Interested candidates may apply now. We can take upto three candidates. The fellowship will be given at the end of the second month.

  5. My experience in TVRLS

    It has indeed been a fabulous experience in TVRLS as it has added value to my knowledge in HR to a great extent. I feel it’s a great learning opportunity in TVRLS rather than in any organization as an intern because the exposure which you get in an organization compared to here is very minimal, sometimes negligible. My project topic was “FAQ’s by HR Managers” it was to know the changes in HR over a period of time. The FAQ’s were taken from Yahoo HR groups & Cite HR. After collecting the data, in the study it was found that there was a slight down trend in the queries in HR & queries in IR has increased. Apart from my project I also attended workshops on Performance Management System, Competency Mapping, conference on performance planning for teachers at GCERT, a session on sustainable learning environment at ISRO, 100 Managers In Action at AMA . Also along with the project I helped in modifying the brochure for an online certification course, designing a mailer for it & then marketing the program. Wrote a few articles on topics like “Concept of Teachers Performance Appraisal” designed a format for the same, Non –Monetary Rewards etc. I also got the opportunity to learn to assess a few organizations on “HR Change Interventions” Also took care of the administrative work at Ahmadabad office. I even got to learn from small assignments Prof: Rao kept giving me. My reading skills are enhanced much more than before because Prof: Rao insists a lot in reading books, journals, materials etc.. Above all these learning’s listening to Prof: Rao is just incredible. I heard him not only in sessions or workshops but also in office. He is a Plethora of ideas & is blend of HR & numbers. I found it to be very uncommon. He speaks casually but it gives me a lot of insights to extend my knowledge. New thoughts just keep passing his mind & I gain a lot from them. But one thing I would like to say is one has to be self motivated if alone. I would have learnt more if we were a batch of four to five because then Prof: Rao would take sessions for us based on our interest of learning . To conclude I would just say I was lucky enough to be associated with Prof: Rao in terms of acquiring knowledge in HR & it will also help me in branding myself in my profession.
    You can contact me at