Monday, April 11, 2016

Types of HR Leaders

Types of HR Leaders
T V Rao

I have earlier offered a classification of leaders as: 
1. Talk leaders (those who can articulate and talk well about HR and what needs to be done, what is wrong etc.), 
2. Thought leaders (who think ahead of others have vision for the function and department) and Walk leaders (those who are good in action); and 
3. Integrated leaders (those who think, talk and practice what they preach).

Another classification is as follows:
  1. Positional Leaders: Those HR leaders who are designated as leaders by virtue of being called as Directors of HR or CHROs or Presidents of HR.
  2. HR CEOs: Those HR Managers who have become Chairman, MDs and CEOs of companies or other organizations and took charge of independent business units or SBUs are in this category;
  3. HR Entrepreneurs: Those who have established their own firms and have made mark in the filed as consultants and have independent existence and are doing well providing employment to others. Entrepreneurial leaders.
  4. Impact making Humane Leaders: Those who established themselves as humane and impact making human beings are this kind of leaders. These are the people who care for others always try to do good and helpful and are always remembered
  5. Networked Leaders: These are leaders who established themselves as well networked, media favorites and can be found in all social media
  6. Professional Leaders: These are recognized leaders in the profession and head various professional bodies as presidents and other office bearers.
  7. Award winning leaders: These are leaders who keep getting awards and citations quite frequently.
  8. HR Academics: Those who excel in teaching and research and are happy serving academic Institutions (Business Manager: A magazine published a special issue on them)  
  9. Please add any more...


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