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Publications of T. V. Rao

Books by Talam Venkateswara Rao (T. V. Rao)

Books by Dr. T. V. Rao

1.       HRD, OD and Institution Building: Essays in Memory of Udai Pareek. New Delhi: Sage Response Books, 2016 Edited jointly with Dr. Anil K Khandelwal

2.       Effective People: New Delhi: Random House, 2015

3.       Performance Management: Towards Organizational Excellence: New Delhi: Sage Response Books, 2016

4.       HRD Audit: Evaluating the Human resources Function for Business Improvements, 2nd edition, New Delhi: Sage -Response Books, 2014

5.       Organization Development: Accelerating Learning and Transformation: New Delhi: Sage: Response Books, 2011 (S. Ramnarayan & T V Rao

6.       The Power of 360 Degree Feedback: Developing Leadership the India Way: 2nd edition, jointly with Dr. Raju Rao, New Delhi: Sage- Response Books, 2014

7.       100 Managers in Action: New Delhi: Tata McGraw-hill, 2012 (with Charu Sharma)

8.       Entrepreneurship: A South Asian Perspective by D. F. Kuratko and T. V. Rao: New Delhi: Cengage Learning, 2012

9.       Nurturing Excellence: Indian Institute of Management, New Delhi: Macmillan, (Co-authored with Vijaya Sherry Chand, 2011)

10.    Managers who Make a Difference: New Delhi: IIMA Book Series, 2010 Random House. (Second edition 2016 with added chapters)

11.    Life after 360 Degree Feedback and Assessment and Development Centres; Editors T. V. Rao, Nandini Chawla and S. Ramnarayan): New Delhi: Excel Books, 2010.

12.    HR Best Practices; New Delhi: Steel Authority of India (jointly with Nisha Nair, Neharika Vohra, and Atul Srivastava), 2009.

13.    HRD Score Card 2500; New Delhi: Sage, Response Books, 2008

14.    Hurconomics; New Delhi: Oxford & IBH, 2008 Republished by Pearson Education: New Delhi, 2011..

15. The Power of 360 Degree Feedback; (Jointly with Mr. Raju Rao), New Delhi: Response Books, Sage, 2005. (Won Two awards as best Management book of the Year: DMA and ISTD)

16. The Future of HRD; New Delhi: Macmillan India, 2003

17.    HRD in Asia: First Asian Research Conference on HRD; (jointly with Ramnarayan, Udai Pareek, AAhad Usman Gani) Academy of HRD, New Delhi: Oxford and IBH, 2003.

18.    HRD Audit; New Delhi, Response Books, Sage Publications, 1999

19. Institutionalization of Innovations in Education; Ahmedabad: Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation & TVRLS, 1999  (With Jaya Indiresan and M G Jomon)

20. Changing Teacher Behaviour through Feedback; Hyderabad: ICFAI, 2006, (With Udai Pareek)

21. Training for Education Managers; New Delhi: Macmillan, 2005 (With Udai Pareek)

22. 360 Degree Feedback and Assessment & Development Centers; (edited by T V Rao and Nandini Chawla) New Delhi: Excel Publications, 2005

23. Performance Planning and Review Manuals; Ahmedabad: TVRLS, 2005

24. HR @ Heart of Business; (edited by TV Rao, A Gangopadhyay, RSS Mani), New Delhi: Excel Publications, 2002.

25. Performance Management and Appraisal Systems; New Delhi: Response Books, 2004

26. 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Management Systems; (Editors T V Rao, Gopal Mahapatra, Raju Rao and Nandini Chawla) Volume 2, Excel Publications: New Delhi 2002.

27. 360 degree Feedback and Performance Management systems Volume 1; (Editors: T V Rao and Raju Rao), Excel Publications: New Delhi, 2000.

28. Organizational Renewal in NGOs: Experiences and Cases; (Co-author with Uma Jain), Hyderabad: Academy of HRD, 1996

29. Organization Development: Interventions and Strategies; (Co edited with S Ramnaryan and Kuldeep Singh), New Delhi: 1998, New Delhi: Response Books

30.    Pioneering Human Resources Development: The L&T System; Ahmedabad, Academy of HRD, 1998 (Co-author)

31.    Redesigning Performance Appraisal System; 1996, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi

32.    Human Resources Development: Experiences, Interventions Strategies; 1996, Sage Publications, New Delhi

33.    Performance Appraisal and Review: Trainers Manual, Operating Manual and Skills Workbook; Learning Systems, New Delhi, 1978

34.    Designing and Managing Human Resources Systems; Oxford & IBH Publications, New Delhi, 1981, 1991, 2003 (Co-author) (This book has won ESCORTS award as best management book in 1982)

35.    Performance Appraisal: Theory and Practice; AIMA-Vikas Management Series, New Delhi, 1984 (Also translated into Bhasha Indonesia by PPM, Jakarta).

36.    Recent Experiences in Human Resources Development; Oxford and IBH, New Delhi (edited by T.V. Rao and D.F. Pereira)

37.    Alternative Approaches and Strategies of HRD; (edited by T.V. Rao, K.K. Verma, E. Abraham and A. Khandelwal), Rawat Publications, Jaipur, 1987

38.    Excellence Through Human Resource Development; (editors M.R.R. Nair and T.V. Rao), New Delhi, Tata McGraw Hill, 1990

39.    Designing Entrepreneurial Skills Development Programmes; London, Commonwealth Secretariat, 1990 (co-author)

40.    The HRD Missionary; New Delhi, Oxford and IBH, 1990 (Second edition: 2009 TVRLS)

41.    Readings in HRD; New Delhi, Oxford and IBH, 1991

42.    Career Planning and Promotion Policies;  Ahmedabad, Academy of HRD, 1982 (co-author)

43.    Appraising & Developing Managerial Performance; AHRD Publication, 1996, reprinted at New Delhi: Excel Books, 1999

44.    Institution Building in Education and Research: From Stagnation to Self-Renewal; (Eds. R.J. Matthai, Udai Pareek and T.V. Rao), All Indian Management Association, New Delhi, 1977.

45.    Adult Education for Social Change; Manohar Publications, New Delhi, 1980 (co-author)

46.    Handbook for Trainers in Educational Management with special reference to Asia and Pacific; UNESCO, Bangkok (Co-author) 1981

47.    Management Processes in Universities; New Delhi: Oxford & IBH (PSG Monograph 1, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad 1978, co-author with R.J. Matthai and Udai Pareek)

48.    Behavioural Sciences Research in Family Planning; Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 1974 (co-author)

49.    Doctors in Making; Sahitya Mudranalaya, Ahmedabad, 1976

50.    Managing Family Planning Clinics; Asian and Pacific Development Administration Centre, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia, 1977 (co-author)

51.    Change Agents in Family Welfare: An Action Research in Organized Industry; Academic Book Centre, Ahmedabad, 1978 (co-author with Pramod Verma)

52.    Developing Entrepreneurship: A Handbook for Policy Makers, Entrepreneurs, Trainers and Development Personnel; Learning Systems, New Delhi, 1978 (co-author)

53.    Identification and selection of Entrepreneurs; (Eds. T.V. Rao and T.K. Moulik), Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 1979

54.    Developing Motivation Through Experiencing; Oxford and IBH Publications, 1982 (co-author with Udai Pareek)

55.    Entrepreneurial Skill Development Programmes in Fifteen Commonwealth Countries: An Overview; Commonwealth Secretariat, London, 1991

56.    Handbook of Psychological and Instruments; Samasthi Publications, Baroda, 1974 (co-author)

57.    Stewart Maturity Scale: Indian Adaptation; Manasayan, New Delhi, 1976

58.    Sales Styles Diagnosis Exercises; Learning Systems, New Delhi, 1976

59.    Behaviour Processes in Organizations; Oxford and IBH Publications, New Delhi, 1981 (Co-author with Udai Pareek and D M Pestonjee)

60.    Measuring and Managing Organizational Climate; Ahmadabad: Academy of HRD, 1996 (With Dalpat Sarupriya and Dr. Sethumadhavan)

61. Selected Readings in HRD; New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill, 1998 ( with Singh, Kuldeep & Nair, Baburaj)

62. HRD Philosophies and Concepts: The Indian Perspective; Ahmedabad: Academy of HRD, 1994 (with  Abraham, E & Nair, Baburaj V. Eds.)

63. HRD in the New economic Environment; New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill, 1994 (co-edited with Silveira, D. M., Srivastava, C. M. and Vidyasagar, Rajesh)

64. Competency Mapping Education Kit (4 Volumes), Ahmedabad: TVRLS, 2005. 

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